Sunday, 26 March 2017

Sebab bodoh sangat

Because I talked too much
Because I showed too much

Ubah diri, keluar dari bulatan?
Forget the insecurity boundary?
Put your trust on another level?


Crappy bullshit nonsense things that people wrote on books.

Just to give you a false hope.
In real life, it won't happen to just anyone.
It's good if you're lucky enough.

My dear self is paling teruk seteruk teruknya
Once i showed with the real me
People left.
Camtu je.

What the fuck insecurity boundary?

It's great to tell somebody about your plan, about the day.
& it's all gone to waste within a minute.

Macam orang bodoh
Eh why la percaya orang cepat sangat?

Orang yang kau kenal, share semua benda hampir setahun pun blah bodo-bodo camtu je
Ni orang yang kau baru kenal 2 bulan?
Everyone knows you are stupid at the first place
But you never learned

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