Friday, 17 February 2017


Works are okay but not that fine. I'm in rush and most of the time, I'm scared. I did ask few foolish question which I regretted then. I show my clumsiness & flaws already.

I'm happy to start everything over, Aluq and Imran is just very nice & AWESOME. They're busy people but they're really helpful. Although Imran is reaaaaaaaaaaally busy these days, I feel bad for burdening him all the time. But it just nice to have him around. Because he's a nice person & make people feel safe since he is #MRKNOWITALL haha. I wonder how amazing their life is. Eh, did busy people have conflict with their hearts and feeling? Because I don't think so :). Everyone in the team are just too good to be with.

& mira is simply happy yahuu!

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