Friday, 10 February 2017


I had an amazing evening. Thanks to someone.

I'm so excited bila awak ajak keluar. I'm so happy sampai rasa macam nak menangis. Because I thought I will never see you again. I'm quite nervous walking through the stairs. I somehow forgot your face, your scent, your smile. I'm flustered to see you again. Still handsome & tall, I might fall for you again if I had the chance to repeat everything from the start.

I'm so happy but then I know it gonna end soon. Very soon. So I take care of my heart a lot today. I avoid looking into your eyes, less talk, less smile. I controlled myself.

I wish the meeting was much longer so we could just sit together and enjoy the company. I wish to see you again tonight, tomorrow & everyday. I wish we could go for grocery shopping, explore foods around JB; just like how we used to do.

But I know, things are not the same anymore.

It's my greed. I want you more. I want to see you more. I want to smile more in front of you. I always wanted more second for us to be together. A year is not enough because I miss you so bad. I'm happy to see your car. I wished we don't broke up. But it just a mindless wish.

I'm greedy person. That's why you leave me. I know.
Honestly, I wished the time would stop when we were together.

Thank you awaaaaaaak.

I wish you happiness, forever.

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