Thursday, 18 February 2016

2 magical phrases

Assalamualaikum superhi.

I used to love that name. From zaman kanak-kanak lagi aku jealous gila with anyone dengan nama tu (come to happen that it is nama lelaki kekeke).

Setiap kali buat story, i tend to imagine the hero guna nama tu. But when I was about to publish them, i'll change the name dengan nama yg lain, atas alasan aku nak simpan nama tu sampai satu masa yang entah bila-bila. Sound somehow sangat childish but it really happened.

I live my whole live fangirling to that one name and its like aaaaaaaa omg omg. (sorry can't help it). But most of the time, i have no friend with that name. Kenalan tu maybe ada but yeah macam passby je.

What the best part is, rn I have someone that I know, friend of course with that magical name hahaha. It's like a dreams come true. So one of my wishlist already accomplished! I can't wait to really use that name for my next story hujuhuju.

(& someday he might be reading this as well)

Mega Ultron Mira.

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