Friday, 7 August 2015

When We Die


As soon as it started (we were born), we just walk on this unfamiliar path. With no major idea in our mind; what kind of living that we gonna live someday, we just hesitant to keep on walking. In the amidst of heavy morning fog on the top of a mountain.

I have just realized that we only get to see things clear once we settled down (die). In this present, I could maybe have remembered some of my past (not much I assure you) but still I'm wondering what might wait me in future that I'm gonna create. Again, I questioned myself; why I'm wondering all night sleepless thinking about a future that I'll build like a lego house?

We do have fate. Have the faith in fate in who knows, you might have some luck anywhere.
Lucky us to have ourselves still breathing. These two things, crashes into a magic word called 'plans'.

Plan is just a plan. To give us hopes and we all die. Plan just like a console-antidot to wake the dragon inside us and make us feel alive.

Main point, when we all settled down, we could tell a perfect story of living a life. We experienced it's all, we see things in such more wider angle. We will able to make a beautiful conclusion of a life itself and be thankful for them. So it's okay to explode, to be hurt. We don't see the beauty yet.

There might be sometimes that we have to let things go, to be an unlucky person, to feel the pain as it there is a sharp razor blade being stabbed into your chest but you can't expressed the pain and cure the scar in a physical way (meds).

People used to say that we die leaving some kind of remarks and I used to know it's all just a lie. A comforting lie. Because we will die leaving scars. Don't you believe me that there might be particular person who will fckingly feeling hurt for you cold-corpse?

Some people do asked, why we have to let things go? My answer, to be fair and equal. Being happy and being hurt is always a same thing for me. So as a result, I didn't overjoyed when I'm feeling happy and I didn't kill my heart even more on any sad occasion (occasion thehell thefuck). The sensation of being happy (in love) and being hurt are on the same frequency, it's almost killing us all in such a very deep frustration. So why bother only to the thing that hurt you?

How does it feel to have someone close to you died in a battle that you knew the most but you can't help?  How the pain taste like to suddenly recalled the first time you've met him/her & it turns out that the person already died today? It still fresh in your mind that he bumped into you in a rush and smile (and u know things happen). You called him (although he was dead), after few beeps you heard to his gentle voice asking you to left a voice message;

"You've reached the voice mail of Caesar Philips"
"Leave a message, after the beep"

It will eventually kills you. Life is a fair game.

Scar was left to be remembered, in case if you wanna know.

Life doesn't have to be perfect.


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