Thursday, 30 July 2015

Being Forgotten

Let just stop. You will never regain your memories again. But hell yeah, you maybe recover later on but I know things will not going to be the same. You now sticking happily with your past, I mean with her. We completely lost in time. Lost in touch. Every single moment that we shared together, its all wasted all over along the road that we walked. How can you totally have no idea about my present in this world? Are you really don’t know who I am? Or are you just teasing me around? You told everyone that you love me, you chase for my love. You came to my house in the middle night to sing me lullaby. Its you! You have your things in the drawer at my house. The white drawer that you love so much. Don’t you remember? There is no even the slightest memory in your eyes? Ah, did you remember the sunflower that I like? We planted them at your backyard. Together. When you look into my eyes, don’t your heart beating so fast? Why are you like this?

What should I do now…………………………………………


Could you tell me?

I saw you in front of me, but yet you just way to far from us. I’m slowly losing the faith of us being together. I slowly had forgotten the way how you walked. I slowly had forgotten your scent, your everything. I will understand it all.

The warmth of your touch. The tingling in my belly when we kissed. The gifted contagious smile. I know it’s not for me to keep. I will pretend to really understand this all.

One beautiful day when the flower blooming, when your memories recovered don’t find for me. I couldn’t stay long fighting for us.

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