Friday, 10 May 2013


Thanks for everything. Flawless friends.
The reason why I wrote about this common issue, it’s my appreciation. I’m not strong enough to show them how I love them, I can’t put down my ego and be too kind with them. What I know to do is just being cruel, unfriendly, isolates myself from them. Retain.

This year aww so tiring, so many stories, dramas. Love.
Failing so many time for my license.
Never study, playing sleeping sleeping laughing.
Rough journey, hard pathway.
What can I do?
Go through. Live alive.

Miss my old time, Aziem, Aja, Fatihah, Amirul, Afiq and evelyoneee. I’m lost.
But then, this yearrr err kindaa great year. Beautiful year. Got to know everyone well. Welcoming and greet them without hatred. Refreshed.

But, there is two people who I always ignore. Abang Hanif and Alia Safari. I can’t make enough time for them tsk tsk. These two bird who never forget to wishing me, to poke me, to love me. I will treat these two birdies better after my spm. Knowing them just like having a great sibling. I can’t ask anything for granted, they were just too nice to me.

Dear classmate,
Sorry for being so ignorance last year. I need time to digest that my old day already past. Thanks for being crazy, love each other. We’re just sooo families. No words can describe my feeling now.

Dear ex-senior,
Sorry for not tegur-tegur at twitter or facebook. Sorry for not replying all the emails. Sorry for the late respond at social network. I want to, but I can’t. Faham kan kan? Thanks for always give me a portion of your attention. Thanks for remembering this little kid. Mmuuahh.

Dear past,
Sorry for just walk away without turning back. Sorry for all my mistake.

Dear myself,
I love how I am now. I’m so thankful that I’ve sharing great moment with all great peoples. It’s okay if you don’t study. If you fail in your spm, you can work with ayah or paklong hahahahaha wekk. Just enjoy yourself with Korean dramas, it will help you to feel good.

Thanks tooooo for giving me space to write more and more, Terfaktab Zine. Thanks for reading my post here and Terfaktab Zine eventhough I rarely post kat pejabat sana tu haa haha.

 feetnote: sorry for all grammatical errors hahaha. *rolls eyes*

Assalamualaikum, bye.

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