Saturday, 23 February 2013


Anneyong hii.

Semoga sihat dibawah teduhan Sang Pencipta. Dah masuk bulan 2 and I'm not ready to sit my SPM yet. Mood belajar takde welewele. Well, I need you guys to hear my epistle.

Know what? He's already stand beside me. I mean someone who are already farrr away and gone, woke up -corpse. I've done almost ebelyything to destroy him. Even after he came back, I never save back his number, no pictures, deleting all conversation after texting. I'm too scared if I need to vanish everything again in case the melayu drama start again. I don't have any courage to do so.

I want him to stop and take a step back. I already built a life with no his existence. Somehow, I'll always laugh every time we chitchot. *rolls eye*. Let's see how this story will go on.

I love you. Just that. I don't expect any stupid fucking response.

assalamualaikum byee.


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