Friday, 9 March 2012

Learn To Toe The Line

its been a long a time blog ni ditinggalkan . haha
nothing much too say . dah bosan nak mengeluh pasal exam *sigh again
err .

serious tak tahu nak tulis apa .
rasanya aku dah nampak yang aku tak sesuai jadi blogger.
dari dulu lagi aku memang tak suka public kan private life aku , tapi aku buad jugak blog ni pastu story macam-macam , bila orang tanya , aku jadi marah. hmm , how pathetic i am right ? 

btw , try to have a look about my HERO xD

interview for CHOA magazine and KHJ say he feel he had met the girl of his destiny . ommo . haha.

lawak bila aku baca semua orang kat satu blog ni gaduh pasal sape 'lady tu' . hahaha . let guess . rasanya sape ? jung so min ? hwang bo ? yoon eun hye ? a lot of people come and cheering for the girl they want him to be with , make a prediction and give the final conclusion about it . ups . no , i mean A LOT OF SILLY PREDICTION . see , how childish they are . he also a human . just like us . he just perfect in the movie . he has his own reality life that is same with anyone else . jadi , let he decide his own life and his own love story ending . err , aku pon sebok menempel . 

btw khj , whoever the lady is , i will always by your side . ^^
it is your life . i'll respect and honour your desicion . act , i'm happy because there will be someone who really care about you.i'm also happy that you may have someone , because you are working very hard this lately and looking very tired often . even i've dream about getting married with you . errr . but i really wanted to see you marry a girl that you loves , having babies and live your life happily ever after . ^^ as one of Henecian's , i wish you all the best . khj , fighting !

so , for the girl who try to make any conlusion and assumption about MY HERO (again hero) , just because you didn't bear too see him with someone else , watch out . LEARN TO TOE THE LINE . (pujuk diri sendiri sebenarnya --')

ahh , merapik . bhahaha . woahh , impressive english *aduh , tak pasal-pasal puji diri sendiri . ^^

with laugh,

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