Wednesday, 9 November 2011

luahan hati seorang blogger . ^^

assalamualaikum .
hi .
harap semua sihatsihat dan ceriaceria selalu .

okay .
today i want to melalut in English . hihi . ^^winkwink .
er , i think most of us know about faceblog right . and im really sure that many blogger have registered as member kan kan ?
congrates . :)

yesterday , 7 blogger (if im not wrong lah --') ask me why im not join that community . i didn't give any spesific reason or explanation . ohh . feels like , ergghh , somewhat degraded .

okay , hear me ,
first , for me , this is my blog , my own blog and i can post anything i want here . My blogs do not require monitoring from any others person or communities. i also dont like to put any ridiculous banner on my site .
second , i think this community just want to gain more popularity and get many attention . it such a annoyying community .

my blog can stand up by itself without this jerk community . Just look , the condition to sign up in this community also persecute and we need to promote about it . erghhh .

i have my own stance and stop saying that im too ancient just because you guys didn't see that banner here . please dont underestimate me .

thankyouu .
er , any grammatical error should be ignore . hihi  =)

maaf andai kata ada yang terasa .

assalamualaikum . kbaii .

lotsoflove ,
snow rouselatte .

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