Tuesday, 15 November 2011

: everybody need inspiration :

yes .
so am i .

finding some nice word to say --'
im just looking down on tomorrow . *grinning
im deserve so much more.
now im just rely on myself . do you believe in that such of words ?
ohh , what the kind of rely ? *okay , nothing . (Y)

im okay lah . totally okay .
just terrified of my own shadow .
err , it just one of unexpected drama in my life . =)
maybe cause the law of the world makes you away from my life but i know the real things inside your heart .
*smile again .
hey , of course i will not mention it here , people here is totally offensive .
blahblahblah .
hey , its alright to have a drama in our life . there is no one said that it is an mistake .
we're young right ? dont pretend that you always gain right desicion in your life lah babe .
no one perfect okay . stop . make mistake now and its will help you a lot in future .
dont ever scared to take any risks . life need something interesting . dont let it fade .

life is beautiful enough to find a great moment .
but mostly , all you need to do is wake up and aware that life isn't beautiful like you always wanted .
the imperfect in our life make its better and wonderful .

goodnight . im still here on 2.46 a.m -16/11/2011 .
okbaii .

lotsoflove ,
snow rouselatte

#any grammatical error should be error . peace ya ! ^^

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