Tuesday, 22 May 2018

typical me


there is two issues and maybe three that i was longing to write since ever. I just to busy these days with load of works and commitment. But i think i have some message that i would like to deliver in my blog for no reason. its lengthy and just like a pile of water in bucket, hmm.

I need to study actually but i can't XD. i'm afraid that i might forgot because its just feels like it is a reminder for me in the future, in case one day things might go wrong and i will be looking the answer from my blog.

You know what? Let have some break haha. I slept all afternoon today. I even gave my imagination talk in front of my room's door to no one.

Tapi hmm hmmm haha.

No way andwaeeeee. I should remain calm and compose for now. Focus! I need to focus. I will write about it once i finished my Energy paper because i honestly wants to share some story that i believe most people knows about, but in my terms of understanding.

Goodluck everyone! Jom habiskan semester ni.

Salam Ramadan Kareem.

Thursday, 26 April 2018


Well maybe it’s me
And my blind optimism to blame -Taylor Swift

And i'll add your name to my long list of traitors who don't understand

I honestly hate traitors
So don't let it stay between us
You never want to see me go mad

But I took your matches
Before fire could catch me
So don’t look now
I’m shining like fireworks
Over your sad empty town

My heart goes wandering around some people mistakes
& turned cold 
stone cold

ps: you don't want to see me go mad // i assure you don't.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Kawan namanya

Pitching black

What does it means if you don't mean it

You told me that I live in pathetic life
Not many friends and foe
Have no one to turn when things turn bad
Have no one to share the sweet joy

Well, at least I don't hurt myself.
Well, at least I don't betray myself.
Like you did to others

As a 'friend'.